Hawkin Qian

Hawkin Qian (Haoqi Qian) is currently working as a postdoc at Fudan University. He studied Economics at the Fudan University and received his PhD in economics from the Fudan University in 2016.

From 2011 onwards, he begins his studies and researches in field of environmental and energy economics and owns a long-term experience in large-scale economic system modelling. He is currently engaging in applying machine learning techniques to economic researches.

DataMenu is a "WeChat official account" established by Hawkin. It mainly focuses on sharing theories and applications in collecting, processing and analyzing big data.

EconStudios is a web-based program launched by Hawkin. It aims to establish a platform that allows all researchers in Economics to share their comments and ideas about existing publications.

Hawkin is currently one of the members in Center for Energy Economics and Strategy Studies (CEESS) at Fudan University.


  • Ph.D. 2016

    Ph.D. in Economics

    Fudan University, School of Economics

  • B.A. 2011

    B.A. in Economics

    Fudan University, School of Economics

  • B.A. 2011

    B.A. in Accounting

    Fudan University, School of Management


  • Present2016

    Post Doctoral

    Fudan University, School of Economics

  • Present2016

    Assistant Director

    Fudan University, Institute of Electricity Big Data and Smart Energy

Featured Publications

“Lock-in” effect of emission standard and its impact on the choice of market based instruments

Journal Paper
Haoqi Qian, Libo Wu, Weiqi Tang
Energy Economics, Volume 63, March 2017, Pages 41–50.
Publication year: 2017


Journal Paper
吴力波, 钱浩祺, 汤维祺
Publication year: 2014

Selected Awards

  • 2016
    Shanghai Social Science Excellence Award
    Paper titled "Selection Mechanism between Emission Trading and Carbon Tax based on Simulation of Dynamic Marginal Abatement Cost" was awarded Shanghai Social Science Excellence Award in 2016
  • 2015
    China National Scholarship for PhD candidate
    No introduction.