Difference between wiki and post

Mediawiki is a quite popular wiki system used by many sites to build their knowledge management system like me. Even few sites’ owners use it to function as their personal blogs.

For the belief that everything should be based on specialization, I choose WordPress to serve as my personal blog system and Mediawiki to serve as my knowledge management system. However, they do have some overlaps when writing articles. That is, when should I write an article in blog or in wiki?

For my site as an example, my wiki mainly concerns about economics theories. So when I insert a theory into wiki, should I also input those related proofs?

After thinking deeply about it, I decided not to do this. My solution is quite clear and feasible, just list those introductions and descriptions of theories in the wiki and write proofs in blog or quote directly from bibliographies. This solution can perfectly distinguish differences between Mediawiki and WordPress.